Making An Impact

Young Life is active in various high schools and middle schools in the area. Young Life is making a difference in kids' lives. Our Young Life staff and volunteer leaders invest in the lives of teenagers helping them navigate the challenges of adolescents as they share with them the message of Jesus Christ. These relationships are built in school lunchrooms, sports practices, coffee shops...just about anywhere you find teenagers, you are likely to find Young Life leaders.

Young Life in Memphis has four focuses of ministry:
  • Young Life: high school students from both urban and suburban schools
  • YoungLives: for teen moms and their babies
  • WyldLife: for middle school students
  • Capernaum: for kids with disabilities 
  • Young Life College: for college aged students

Where is Young Life in Memphis?

Young Life is currently active at the following schools in Memphis.
  • Briarcrest
  • Central
  • Douglass (Young Life and YoungLives)
  • ECS 
  • Hutchison
  • St. Mary's
  • Manassas (Young Life and YoungLives)
  • Kingsbury (YoungLives)
  • Hamilton (YoungLives)
  • MUS
  • Germantown Middle and High
  • Houston Middle and High
  • White Station Middle and High
  • Maxine Smith STEAM Academy
  • University of Memphis (Young Life College)
  • Rhodes College (Young Life College)

Young Life Memphis | 658 Colonial Rd Memphis, TN 38117-5133

Phone: (901) 820-0760

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